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Just a bit about me...

Actor. Poet. Model (for fun). Coffee Connoisseur.


As a young girl, I sang with Elvis, played dress-up with Tony Curtis, and danced the Time Warp with Frank N. Furter all before the age of three. I was an eccentric girl with an infatuation with drama & stories. My love for Family Movie Night grew to become the dream of being an actress.

I attended school at The Youth Performing Arts School and took classes/performed at Walden Theater in Louisville, KY. I soon became a groupie and lover to the art of storytelling.

I moved to New York City, where I now reside, and achieved a BFA in Acting at Marymount Manhattan College in 2020.

I spend my days embodying stories when I can, writing poems when it rains, trying to be George Harrison on the guitar, & tackling every NYC  coffee shop I can!

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